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Shaping Europe Together


The activities of the Polish Ecumenical Council
during Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union
(July-December 2011)

 “The churches support an integration of the European continent. Without common values, unity cannot endure. We are convinced that the spiritual heritage of Christianity constitutes an empowering source of inspiration and enrichment for Europe. On the basis of our Christian faith, we work towards a humane, socially conscious Europe, in which human rights and the basic values of peace, justice, freedom, tolerance, participation and solidarity prevail. We likewise insist on the reverence for life, the value of marriage and the family, the preferential option for the poor, the readiness to forgive, and in all things compassion”.

Charta Oecumenica

Churches are part of society in all countries of Europe. For that reason they are involved in everyday matters of each country and its citizens. The churches associated within the Polish Ecumenical Council feel responsible for their surrounding reality. That is why for a long time they have taken initiative in protecting the dignity and well-being of every human.

The Polish Presidency in the European Union is a special occasion to emphasize the involvement of Churches in a civic society.

On one hand we would like to show a wide spectrum of Church activities in society, particularly in the field of charity, education, culture, protection of the environment and volunteering.

We wish to point out the initiatives of the Church and Church institutions towards maintaining and developing the heritage and material culture – historic churches, cemeteries, works of art, museums, archives, as well as schools and nursing homes. These activities serve not only particular Churches but also local societies and the entire country.

On the other hand we want to encourage intensification of these activities and further work towards reconciliation, dialogue and widely understood concern for the dignity of man.

The Polish Presidency in the European Union is also a great opportunity to find new forms of cooperation for the Church within the society of Poland and Europe.

During the Polish Presidency in the European Union the Polish Ecumenical Council will bring five topics to attention:

  • Cooperation beyond borders of the European Union read more
  • Protection of the environment/creation and climate change read more
  • Protection of Sunday as a work-free day read more
  • Volunteering read more
  • Poland as a country with multicultural, multinational and multidenominational history read more

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