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In solidarity with Ukraine

As member churches of the Polish Ecumenical Council, we are shaken by the outbreak of war in Eastern Europe. Rockets are falling, bombs are exploding. Soldiers, civilians and children are dying. Foreigners and Ukrainians are desperately trying to escape. We can see with our own eyes how fragile the peace is. We unequivocally condemn Russia’s aggression against sovereign Ukraine.

Just as Christ came to proclaim peace to the whole world, we too as His disciples are called to love our neighbours. Christ Himself gives us the task of being people of peace. We are blessed when we make peace.

We appeal to our brother churches in Russia to take action to end the war.

We call on the international community to do everything in its power to find solutions leading to a cessation of hostilities and to reconciliation between the parties involved.

As churches, we want to actively help and support those in need in this situation. Therefore, we appeal to all people of good will to become actively involved in aid projects. We also open our parishes to help refugees from Ukraine.

We call for a prayer in which we all ask God for peace and for the rescue of those who now have to face the reality of suffering and pain. We ask that in the coming days and weeks, all our parishes offer fervent prayers for peace in Ukraine and in the world during services. We also encourage you to pray personally for peace, security and prosperity for all people, and for God’s wisdom for those who decide the fate of nations.

We express our solidarity with the people and Christian churches of Ukraine.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”
(Matthew 5:9)


Polish Ecumenical Council, Warsaw, 25 of February 2022